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Strain Information

This is a rare Indica-leaning hybrid strain. It was made by combining Ultraman and Blackberry Rush. Seeing its name will give you an idea that this is another wonderfully flavored strain. Flavor may seem to be enjoyed by recreational users but this strain can also assist in the medical field. It also parented a strain called Saucyballs. 

The buds that it produces are airy and fluffy in neon green hue. They’re topped with orange hairs and surrounded by amber crystal trichomes that add vibrancy. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Applesauce?

It has a rich apple flavor that is sweet and sour at the same time with a touch of earthy lemon. The high of this weed is as addictive as its taste. It has uplifting effects that enter both your body and mind. Then physical buzz sets in and you will be completely relaxed and you’ll be slightly stoned. It will also make you feel ravenous so make sure that you have munchies that not beyond your reach while puffing this weed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Applesauce?

It can lower the intensity of temporary pain like headaches and migraines. Its abilities are extended to the gastrointestinal tract so it can get rid of nausea and appetite loss. It can alleviate mental disorders like stress and depression. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Applesauce

It delivers minor adverse reactions such as dry mouth and itchy bloodshot eyes. 

How to grow Applesauce?

This strain flourishes with outdoor and indoor cultivation. Soil medium or hydroponics can be used for this plant. Give its needs in the proper amount and right time. Overfeeding and overwatering can bring harm like nutrient deficiency does. The three main nutrients for marijuana plants are potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.