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Strain Information

Aum strain is only a clone of Mendo and Adam combination. The procedure was performed by Yak. To be a clone means to be just a cut from a mature marijuana plant. With such a clone, you already have a strain to start with as well as the genes and traits are already there. You only need to make sure that your clone reaches the required maturation stage for you to get your reward of harvest.

You can enjoy this strain during the daytime for a whole day good vibe or in the evening for good night sleep.

Medical Benefits of Aum

Typically, weeds will provide some herbal function that is the answer to some medical conditions that many people experience on an occasional basis. Such conditions include chronic pain, inflammation, stress, and fatigue. Whereas, in terms of its mental impact, Aum can be a great help for seizures, depression, anxiety, and even more serious ones like epilepsy.

Effects of Aum

You got yourself a sweet treat when you start to smoke a piece of Aum strain. Nothing bad can enter your mind nor pain into your body because it will fill you with just the right dose of happiness and relaxation. The high starts sneaking slowly from your taste buds and straight to each corner of your body. While under its sedation, you cannot resist but be in another galaxy

Grow Info and Tips

In any cultivation process, the need for basic supplies and ingredients such as nutrients, light, water, and air are also the ones needed to make its growing process a successful one. For higher yield, you may provide the cannabis with more nutrients, but make sure not to exceed the appropriate measure. Too much is always bad.