Auto Yeti

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1.5 ounces / feet2 
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Strain Information

Auto Yeti cannabis strain is a crossbreeding result between AK47, the famous Hindu Kush and the Amnesia cannabis strains. This is the product of the Short Stuff that is created to be used as daytime or night time recreational purpose.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Yeti? 

Auto Yeti has a sweet and sour taste of lemon combined with pine with a diesel undertone. This cannabis is a great balanced on mind and body high, giving you relaxation but it is soothing and calming without any couch lock effect

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Yeti?

Auto Yeti is an option if you are having pain in your body that may be chronic or not. This strain is very beneficial in treating migraines and headaches. It also lowers the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and muscle spasms problems.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Yeti? 

Auto Yeti side effects are drying of the eyes that lead to irritation. when it does not subside an eye puffiness and inflammation might occur. This discomfort can be vanished by using first hand a water-based eye drop to keep you hydrated.

How to Grow Auto Yeti? 

Auto Yeti is known to be an easy strain to grow. It can thrive very well with any places since this cannabis is slightly susceptible to spider mites, there are few ways to get rid of the pest. Using organic neem oil can be an effective method and another thing is to plant a non-cannabis plant beside it or what you call as a companion plant for marijuana. There will be lots of choices such as sunflowers marigold or even chrysanthemum.