Bad Azz Kush

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24 oz per square meter
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Strain Information

The Bad Azz Kush strain was originated by crossing the Afghan Kush with the Original OG and from there, crossing it with the Purple Urkel. It is a 100% indica strain created by the rapper Bad Azz – from Snoop Dogg’s entourage – and the famous Barney’s Farms. Very potent and with an insanely hight THC level of 24%, this strain is not for the beginners. This strain produces plants that remain relatively small but will need some space for its enormous colas to flourish.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bad Azz Kush?

The Bad Azz Kush cannabis strain is a very dank, fuel-smelling plant with fruity undertones accented by spicy herbs. Similarly, it has a sweet, berry flavor with hints of herbs and spice.

The effects of this strain are long-lasting and very powerful thanks to its high THC levels. It has a fast-hitting onset of blissful euphoria that starts almost immediately after the last exhale. In time, the body will soon fall into a heavy relaxed state anchoring user to anywhere they might be sitting. It makes a perfect end of the day smoke.

What are the medicinal benefits of Bad Azz Kush?

This strain is often used to treat conditions such as muscle tensions, spasms, chronic fatigue, and pain for its powerful relaxing effect. It is also helpful for people suffering from chronic anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bad Azz Kush

Because of its potency and mind-smashing euphoria effects, the Bad Azz Kush can cause headaches and dizzying effects for novice smokers. It is also known to make mouths and eyes really dry so users should make sure to stay hydrated all the time.

How to Grow Bad Azz Kush?

The Bad Azz Kush strain produces big buds with an amazingly high yield. It can also stretch a bit during the flowering time, so it needs sufficient space and headroom to reach its full potential. Needless to say, it needs constant pruning during its vegetative stage. The Bad Azz Kush can grow well outdoors as well as indoors.