Bahia Blackhead

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Strain Information

Bahia Blackhead is a largely a Sativa variety created by K.C. Brains. The K.C. Brains were able to combine the genuine Brasil and two males of KC 606 resulting in cannabis with beautiful characteristics of the Brazilian Sativa but with a KC strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bahia Blackhead?

The Bahia Blackhead’s terpenes produce an earthy scent with a mixture of pepper and sour taste. Not only it gives inviting flavors, but the effects could also be very favorable as well. It can deliver optimal relaxation and euphoric feelings all at the same time. It maintains the feelings of happiness and could trigger hunger afterward

What are the Medical Benefits of Bahia Blackhead?

People with medical conditions could seek the therapeutic benefits of the Bahia Blackhead because it helps in managing any signs of pain and stress from your mind and body. It further aids in regulating sleeplessness and anxiousness of any person, as well as manage any traces of depressive feelings.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bahia Blackhead?

The dryness of the mouth and eyes could be the few of the adverse effects deliver by the strains. However, this could be prevented or if not, can be regulated by drinking water in large amounts to rehydrate your system. The effects could further lead to dizziness and mild paranoia only when consumed at larger doses.

How to Grow Bahia Blackhead?

When cultivating indoors, the potential of the plant could still be achieved however, when trying to make use of its absolute capabilities as a cannabis strain, then you should try the outdoor growing setting. This variety of cannabis is extremely simple to develop when grown outside as it has a strong resistance to molds and pests. When indoors, it could grow in a petite structure and develops at around 80 centimeters maximum though it still delivers favorable production.