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Strain Information

The Bazinga strain is a hybrid strain that composed of sativa dominant genetics. The Acumen Genetics created this by combining the genetics of White Russian strain with the Annunaki strain. The crossbreeding of the two was tremendous, and the Bazinga was able to maintain the quality of its lineage.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bazinga?

The Bazinga cannabis strain is excellent when it comes to flavors. The people with a sweet tooth could enjoy the scent and taste of the strain as it comes in a great pack of berries and honey, with a delightful scent and taste all in one. The effects of the strain can put you in a state of euphoric feelings and could improve the creativeness you have inside.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bazinga?

When smoked, the effects of the strain can be a great way to ease away the pain and stress you are feeling for a long time. It could also help people with depression and anxiety by putting them in a state of happiness and positivity. The strain could also induce hunger and can help users who have no interest in food.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bazinga?

The strain, when ingested, can make your eyes and mouth feel dry and parched. The usual way to manage it is to drink and hydrate your body with a glass of water to restore what had lost.

How to Grow Bazinga?

The strain can be relatively simple, even for beginner growers. It can be resistant from molds hence can grow in any area and condition. The plant will grow in medium-size; thus, the maintenance would not be a problem. It can thrive, especially under warm conditions. The Bazinga strain appreciates a warm temperature outdoor environment.