BC Skunk #1 / NL

BC Skunk #1 / NL

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
100 to 125 gm/ sqm
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Strain Information

BC Skunk #1 / NL is an indica dominant strain. The combination of BC Skunk #1 and Northern Lights has produced a great potent strain.

The mother, Northern Lights is an award-winning strain, five feet in height and appears to have a cedar tree-like physical impression. The coated in buds are packed with lengthy resin. The father, BC Skunk #1 gives powerful indica genetic makeup. This crossbreed rapidly has turned an upper-class strain which is now self-sufficient to provide all seedlings for your cultivation.

What are the Flavor and Effects of BC Skunk #1 / NL?

BC Skunk #1 / NL has a distinct flavor. It starts with the smoothness of the flavor with hints of skunky taste and aroma. The strain, recognized by people as a hit-and-quit strain can hurl your body into some manner of a beautiful and relaxed state. Also in lower concentrations, the urge to remain on the sofa and listening to the cravings appeal might be daunting for amateur consumers.

This is a pleasant sensation of greatness and satisfaction that follows these strong body effects. Several reports stated that certain seasoned consumers are also filled with heightened creativity and concentration.

What are the Medical Benefits of BC Skunk #1 / NL?

It is strongly suggested for night usage in the treatment of insomnia or any signs of sleeplessness. It is similarly selected to alleviate the impacts of outside stress and anxiety. Numerous consumers prefer it for its strong bodily high that reduce persistent discomfort.

It could also be a powerful craving provoking influences which are utilized to assist those suffering from any forms of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from BC Skunk #1 / NL?

The typical unfavorable effects may manifest in the drying of the mouth and eyes. At a higher dosage, the strain could provoke dizziness, paranoia, and uncertainty, hence beware of how much you consume.

How to Grow BC Skunk #1 / NL?

BC Skunk #1 / NL generates approximately a hundred grams per plant in the typical greenhouse setting. Although it can be cultivated indoors and outdoor well., For all those who choose consistency and convenience than the amount of harvest, this strain is a solid alternative.