Big Sky OG

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Medium to high
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Strain Information

It is one of the most popular strains because it gives a unique body high to users. It can take a person to a flight that is fun and relaxing at the same time. It has also proven its worth by having a chance to be in the LA Cannabis Cup Awards in 2014. Elemental Seeds created this balanced hybrid.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Big Sky OG?

The combination of flavors has citrus, diesel, and pungent smell. It calms the body and mind in an awesome euphoria. The tingly feeling can take place, and the consumer starts to be talkative and energetic. It can make eyelids heavy too, so it lures the user to sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Big Sky OG?

Doctors prescribe this strain to the patients who have bipolar disorders or depression. It is used as a sedative for people who are treated for insomnia, stress, and anxiety. It fights muscle spasms and cramps. Some use it to fight seizures and arthritis.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Big Sky OG?

Eyes and mouth turn dry for most users. Hydrating oneself will make these effects go away. Some may feel dizziness and paranoia. Being couch-lock and lethargy are experienced when it wasn’t used properly.

How to Grow Big Sky OG?

It can be grown indoors like any balanced hybrid. Growers must see to it that there’s adequate space for the plant to grow. Water and right nutrition are the other necessities when it comes to supporting the plant’s development.