Black Cherry Pie

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20 to 26%
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Strain Information

Black Cherry Pie strain is for those who love a fruity cannabis strain that leaves a nice aftertaste in the mouth. The strain is developed by the Green Mountain Collective company. It was created by breeding two flavorful strains Cherry Pie and Blackberry Kush. You will get to experience all these flavors combined even when fresh out of a bag.
It is a fairly potent strain with strong relaxation effects that many users will love to experience. Considering it is evenly-balanced, you will experience the best of both worlds between the indica and sativa effects. It is easy to identify it, thanks to having large striking flowers. Large flowers also mean a nice harvest in the end.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Cherry Pie?

Black Cherry Pie has a combination of multiple great flavors. They include berry, fruity, sweet, and woody. You will always love the taste you experience when smoking the strain. Even the aroma is the same as it fills up the room. You can expect berry, earthy, lavender, and woody aroma to be present in the room while smoking it.
Being a balanced strain, the effects can be interesting. The most common effects include feeling creative, happy, and relaxed. It is not too strong to keep you couch-locked, which should work for most users.
Some claim that one of the effects is that it can leave you aroused. Well, it should be something to try out.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Cherry Pie?

Just like any other marijuana strain, it is commonly used for pain management. Those who experience chronic pain can opt for it today. It can still be great for cramps.
For its relaxation benefits, it can be good for treating insomnia. You will feel relaxed enough that you get to sleep with ease.
Those with appetite problems can also try out this type of strain. Expect to feel a little bit hungry as one of the effects of using Black Cherry Pie. Another possible medical benefit is to treat cases of nausea. If you are commonly affected by nausea, this should help calm you down.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Black Cherry Pie

The strain is good in terms of offering many medical benefits, though it also has some side effects. These side effects include feeling like you have cottonmouth and dry eyes. This only happens when you have excessively used Black Cherry Pie. Nevertheless, you can deal with it by simply getting hydrated.

How to Grow Black Cherry Pie?

Seeds for Black Cherry Pie strain are hard to come by. You are better off obtaining clippings from healthy plants as your source. The strain will grow best when planted in a semi-humid climate with stable temperatures. The plants can be short and bushy, so consider pruning more often.