Black Dahlia

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Strain Information

As much as Black Dahlia is not the most popular strain today, its reputation is slowly changing it. The breeders are anonymous, but the parents are not. The strain is achieved by crossing Querkle and Black Cherry Soda strains.
It does not have the highest THC level which is 12%, but it is potent enough to leave you super-relaxed. For most people, they also love the flavor and aroma of this weed.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Dahlia?

Black Dahlia gives you a sweet, berry, and earthy flavor you will never forget. The low THC level makes it good for happy effects. Most people might think they will feel euphoric once they start getting high on the strain. That is not all as the strain will still make you feel focused and energetic at the same time. If you want a strain to boost your energy, then consider this one.

What are the medical benefits of Black Dahlia?

Just like most strains, this one is really good for dealing with pain. It will help you relax and numb the pain. It is still good for stress and insomnia treatment. The relaxation will always help you sleep better. Some even use it for depression treatment.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Dahlia

There are not many negative effects associated with Black Dahlia. Although, you can expect cases of the dry mouth depending on the quantity used.

How to Grow Black Dahlia?

Black Dhalia is might need previous experience in growing other strains to handle it. It will grow best in warm climates. Ensure to have high ceilings if you are to grow it indoors as it gets tall.