Blackout Cookies on Fire

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 to 500 G/sqm
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Strain Information

Blackout Cookies on Fire is a hybrid strain with a variety of indica and sativa. The Vault crossbreed the Girl Scout Cookies Blackout cut with the Hell Face on Fire strain. This strain is called blackout as the leaves of this strain can turn into black color. 

The genetic parent of the strain, Girl Scout Cookies is a multi-awarded strain that gained second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 in the Hybrid category and most THC in the Santa Cruz Cup 2013. Its latest award was from The Karma Cup 2016 which was awarded fifth place in the Hydrid category and seventh-placed at the Karma Cup 2016. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blackout Cookies on Fire?

The strain, Blackout Cookies on Fire has an incredibly harmonious combination of flavors and scent that are exceptionally tempting. This includes sweet taste that is followed by fruity and minty coolness. The scent is a combination of the freshness of pine and the burst of citrus. The cannabis strain has a strong effect on the body particularly. It can deliver couch locking experience and make you a bit space on the mind. It can also encourage happiness and promotes creativity. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Blackout Cookies on Fire?

The Blackout Cookies on Fire strain is very effective in dealing with different conditions such as stress and pain. The strain can provide stimulating experience and hence very efficient in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blackout Cookies on Fire? 

This cannabis strain has the potential to generate adverse effects on people consuming it. The strain can cause dryness of the mouth and could trigger the slight itchiness of the eyes. These are relatively common, which should not be worried about. 

How to Grow Blackout Cookies on Fire?

The Blackout Cookies on Fire strain can thrive and flourish both indoor and outdoor growing mediums. Despite the strain’s good adaptability with different growing conditions, it is not the simplest cannabis plant to cultivate as indicated by most cultivators. The plant loves to thrive and developed with much effort and it may need time to grow. However, the outcome of this cultivation process is worth the wait and labor.