Chef Kush

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(3 - 6 oz per square meter)
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Strain Information

This is a strong Indica strain that was created for culinary Cannabis users. Wolf Genetics bred this strain to grow tight buds with a neat calyx-to-leaf ratio. Though its lineage is not exposed, it will still give you a unique experience of smoking weed. It will make you say goodbye to the tension that you feel as you tend to fall asleep in a cozy surface of velvet. This is a great evening strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chef Kush?

It holds a complex scent of Kush, funky skunk, and blueberries. The woody undertone is for the taste buds. It hits you quickly, and it might leave you tongue-tied as you feel like melting with the body high that encourages relaxation. Both physical and mental tensions are dispersed by this smoke.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chef Kush?

It beats depression while it enhances the appetite of individuals who don’t want to be associated with food any longer. It has the properties to relieve pain and ache efficiently without taking much time. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chef Kush

The common adverse effects of smoking marijuana are red, irritated eyes, and dry mouth. Dizziness can be felt by those who smoked this for the first time and smokers who have a low tolerance.

How to grow Chef Kush?

This strain would prefer to grow in a cool area. It’s a sturdy plant, but growers should be mindful of the feeding regimen. They should give an appropriate amount of nutrients in the right schedule. An extra carbon filter is needed for this plant as it will stink the entire plantation.