Colorado Chem

Colorado Chem

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Strain Information

Colorado Chem is the best strain for those who need to open up their minds and feel uplifted. The strain is one of the best, considering it has won multiple awards before. Such awards include the Denver Cannabis Cup’s People’s Choice award. As much as not much is known about its parent strains, people have closely associated the strain with Afghan, US, and Thai origins.

The strain comes with above-average potency. Whenever you get to use it, the strain will leave you with a powerful high that lasts for a long time. Colorado Chem comes with small to medium buds. It means that the yield will be small to medium. Even if that is the case, just a small amount of the strain is enough to help you experience the best high.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Colorado Chem?

Colorado Chem has an interesting combination of flavors. The first flavor you will notice from the moment you start using it will be the citrus flavor. As you continue with the puffs, there is a hint of mint, lemon, and pine flavors that come through. When you exhale, you will taste a skunky and sweet flavor as an aftertaste of the strain.

It is an evenly-balanced strain, so you can expect to experience both indica and sativa strains. The most common effect is that the user feels creative and energized at first. This is great if you need to deal with a mental block, or you are just feeling low on energy.

Colorado Chem will also help you relax and sometimes get giggly. There is no doubt you will have some laughable conversations when you use it as a group.

What are the Medical Benefits of Colorado Chem?

The strain is good overall for treating arthritis, chronic pain, and other pain-related conditions. This is thanks to its soothing nature. That is not all, as it is also good for those with chronic headaches. This is because the strain will soothe you enough to help with such headaches.

Thanks to its high potency, the strain is good overall for treating insomnia. The relaxation is good enough to get you sleeping in no time.
You might also feel hunger when using Colorado Chem. This makes it good for dealing with the loss of appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Colorado Chem

It is possible to experience a dry mouth and dry eyes. Having dry eyes will make them turn red and get itchy. Some might feel a little bit of paranoia, but this goes away after you get used to the strain.

How to Grow Colorado Chem?

This is an easy to grow strain. Since it also does not need a lot of work in terms of maintenance, you can grow it abundantly. The plants can get tall and bushy quickly. Well, you might want to give the plants enough room to grow because of such.