Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

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13 to 25%
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Strain Information

Cookie Dough will have you thinking of cookies once you get high just because of its name. The strain is more than just thinking about cookies. It has grown in popularity over the years, thanks to the many benefits that it offers to the user. Considering that it is an average potent strain, then it makes it great for users of varied experience to use it comfortably.
The strain has a long-lasting high. It is possible some users would want a strain that leaves them high for a long time. Well, you might want to use the strain after work hours since you will be high for hours. The densely packed buds are a sure way of telling you that the strain gives you a high yield. If you are going to grow it, the strain will always be worth the effort.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Dough?

The strain comes with multiple flavors infused in it. The strain gives off mint, orange, skunky, and sweet flavors all at once. You can see that such flavors would make a user get hooked on the strain. The same goes for the aftertaste in your mouth, even when you are done using the strain. The sweet and mint aroma should be nice to experience in the room also.

The strain is still good when you consider the effects that you can get with it. For its type, the strain will give you a nice creative experience. You will feel that you are able to think better as it helps you to focus and clears your mind too.

The Cookie Dough strain is also known for making you feel giggly and happy at the same time. This can be great for those who experience mood swings, as the strain will make you feel uplifted.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cookie Dough?

The strain still boasts of the many medical benefits that it can provide to a user. As expected, it is a good option for those who need to deal with any pain-related conditions. This includes arthritis, joint pain, chronic pain, and much more.

If you experience loss of appetite, the strain is still a good consideration to use right now. This is because the strain makes you feel hungry and thus dealing with your loss of appetite problem.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Cookie Dough

Yes, even some of the best cannabis strains also end up having negative effects. Well, this one will always leave longing for more hydration. This is because you will end up with a dry mouth. It is nothing to worry as with a glass of water, you should be fine.

How to Grow Cookie Dough?

The strain needs work. You will have to consider researching more about before growing it. The worst part is that getting seeds for the strain can be hard to get. You are better off growing plant cuttings.