Critical Cheese

Critical Cheese

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25 ounces per plant 
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Strain Information

Cheese as a marijuana strain is highly preferred to other strains. To make it even better, the breeder decided to cross Cheese with the Critical Plus strain. As a result, the offspring is Critical Cheese. This strain now stands out for its kind of high and other medical benefits you can get from it. 

The overall effects are tolerable. This makes Critical Cheese good even for daytime use. You will always feel active, as it can help boost energy. It can be a nice way to start the morning and maintain the same energy throughout the day. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critical Cheese?

Because of parent strains, it is expected that it would inherit some of their flavors. Well, for Critical Cheese, it delivers flavors such as cheese, citrus, mint, sweet, and lemon. As much as they might not hit you all at once, you will experience them as you keep using the strain. Expect to feel euphoria as one of the effects of using Critical Cheese. Other effects include feeling happy, hungry, focused, and uplifted. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Critical Cheese?

Such a quality strain will also have multiple medical benefits a user can enjoy. It is commonly used for eye pressure and chronic pain treatment. Other than that, you can use it for fatigue, inflammation, and migraines too. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Critical Cheese

As much as they do not apply to everyone, Critical Cheese is likely to leave you with dry eyes. Sometimes a cottonmouth feeling also. 

How to Grow Critical Cheese 

The strain grows tall up to 8 feet. As a result, grow it in a large room if you are to do so indoors. It is recommended that you grow it outdoors to reduce the maintenance required to keep it growing properly.