Dick Cheese

Dick Cheese

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Strain Information

Dick Cheese is created from crossing the genetics of Moby Dick and Big Budha Cheese resulting in an indica-dominant strain. Also, this got the fragrance of spicy, musky, and loud. Furthermore, consuming takes the initial quick effects of hard-hitting super stone that last for long hours.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dick Cheese?

The combination of cheese with the touch of spicy and musky tone this strain has the flavor of. Consuming this will leave you headstone and indulges you in the realm of blissfulness. Also, this will leave your body in a stoney feeling where it craves to sleep and keep relaxed. Thus, taking this may make you hungry but too lazy, so it’s best to have the snacks beside you.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dick Cheese?

The medical benefits of this strain are that this helps the patients who have trouble sleeping at night, undergoes chronic pain like muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, and also for increasing appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dick Cheese

Taking this strain will give you the feeling of drying your mouth and eyes. Too much usage of this strain will result in headaches, and sometimes paranoia.

How to Grow Dick Cheese? 

Dick Cheese hybrid can be grown indoors or outdoor. If grown indoor, use the hydroponic method. Thus, if it’s grown outdoor, expose the strain in a warm climate as it thrives best on that climate. The right amount of water and light should be observed upon giving as this strain is not easy to cultivate. The usage of fertilizer is good to inculcate to get its best potency.