Dizzy OG

Dizzy OG

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 22%
Indoor- 12 to 14 ounces per square meter / Outdoor- 14 ounces or more per plant
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Strain Information

Originated from OG Kush, it is the official strain of the Las Vegas hip-hop superstar Dizzy Wright. It won the 2nd best place for the best medical hybrid flower at the 2016 SoCal Cannabis Cup. It emits a fragrance of the typical OG Kush but in a milder sweet diesel, fruits, and earthy pine aroma. This strain leaves a citrus flavor on the tongue with a strong pine aftertaste.

Its buds are minty green covered in amber trichomes and hair. Dizzy OG is an energy and creativity booster. Used medically, it helps decrease muscle tension, nausea, stress, and depression. It is best consumed in the daytime but can be an all-day smoke for the experienced consumer (when taken moderately).

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dizzy OG?

On the first inhale, Dizzy OG’s tangy flavor may cause gentle coughing. Afterward, a taste of sweet earth with hints of pine and fruit follows.

With a fast and potent onset, Dizzy OG is an energy booster of both mind and body. Its mental high brings a happy buzz that uplifts your mood and makes you more sociable. Be careful of overuse since it can cause couch lock to its users.

Physically, it soothes your muscles and brings you towards deep relaxation.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dizzy OG?

Medically speaking, this strain has a lot to brag. As one of the winners of the Best Medical Hybrid flower, it is used as an adjunct therapy to many health issues. It is an anti-depressant, anti-emetic, and stress reliever that instantaneously uplifts your mood and relaxes both mind and body. Say goodbye to the worries and pain caused by cramps, headaches, inflammation, and arthritis as high levels of THC of Dizzy OG serve as the perfect painkiller that can replace over the counter opioid-based medicines.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dizzy OG

You can expect dry mouth and dry itchy eyes from Dizzy OG. Aside from these common side effects, dizziness may occur depending on the frequency and pacing of using this Kush.

How to Grow Dizzy OG?

Little information is known in the cultivation of Dizzy OG. Since it is medicinal marijuana, indoor cultivation is the best choice so as to have control over essential factors for healthier plant growth. For example, to regulate humidity, the grower may install ventilation systems. A fan is also a good way to manage heat so as to avoid inward curls or a burned tip. The flowering time comes after 8 to 9 weeks, with a yield of 12 to 14 ounces of buds per plant. A bonus tip, extending the blossoming stage, will produce better yields.

Outdoors, it flowers between mid-October towards the end of the month. This strain produces more yields of about 14 ounces of buds per plant. Just be a lookout for pests and diseases that may destroy it.