DJ Smoke

DJ Smoke

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Strain Information

Grown by Colorado Seed Inc., it is a cross between Rebel God Smoke (stems from Cinderella 99 x Gupta Kush), and Flo strain. It is Sativa-dominant and has hard, long-lasting effects. The nugs of Dj Smoke are toned with neon green and a mixture of orange hairs and gold trichomes.

What are the Flavor and Effects of DJ Smoke?

Smoked or edible, DJ Smoke has an earthy, sweet, citrus, and spicy flavor. Its positive effects include euphoria, happiness, improved focus, increased stimulation, and relaxation. Its high will give you clarity and motivation. A sense of calmness will envelop you afterward. This will make you lethargic and may lead you to sleep. Expect an increase in appetite as well. It is best consumed during daytime and afternoon.

What are the Medical Benefits of DJ Smoke?

With a high 18% THC level, it is suitable for treating stress, fatigue, ADHD/ADD, chronic pain, depression, muscle tension, loss of appetite, and headaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from DJ Smoke

You can experience cotton, dry, itchy eyes, and the feeling of being hungry when using DJ Smoke. Drink ample amounts of water to hydrate. Don’t forget to bring along snacks as you go.

How to Grow DJ Smoke?

Growing this can be challenging as this strain is sensitive. Abrupt climate change and harsh conditions may negatively affect the plant’s growth. Proper maintenance is needed.
Specific flowering times are hard to figure out. Harvest comes only after lazy weeks. Still, there is little cultivation information known on DJ Smoke. Consulting an experienced grower is advised.