Strain ratings
Strain Profile
21 to 25%
400 to 600 per square meters
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Strain Information

Dopium is a result of pollinating ChemDawg and Sour Diesel. This strain has a unique fragrance while keeping details of that famous sour diesel aroma.

The trichome coat of this variety echoes the parents. This strain has the piercing spice of diesel with herbaceous traces expressed as giving unwinding and mellow influences.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dopium?

The twisted and sharp scent the Dopium gives is surely diesel-dominant, with that sharp detail which so many seek out using the forefront and practically striking the senses. There are amazing exotic floral and hints of spice present which separate this cut from other Chem-Diesel hybrids and seem to affect the flavor as well.

What are the medical benefits of Dopium?

Enjoying this strain will instantly release a heady and cerebral impact. This strain gives a kick of energy and mental activity early on that will make you want to laugh and talk. A good mood and overall energy boost seem to mostly stable over that aspect of things. This strain is advisable for those who suffer panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Dopium?

Dopium might bear you bear eyes and dry mouth. The dryness is a common adverse effect for taking cannabis and can be easily remedied by drinking a lot of water.

How to Grow Dopium?

Like most varieties with wide intermodal spacing, it is suggested to plan early by providing room for growth. This strain’s genetics expects an extent with this cut. It is desirable to a net or otherwise trains the plants, so they are not so lanky.