Indica-Maliwi Hybrid

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Strain Information

A Dutch strain safe from cold temperature breed with an effectively psychoactive hybrid which is the African Malawi hybrid is the genetic lineage of this bud. An extremely delicious and firmly high this bud will bring on its impact. Breeders are known to be the S.S.S.C and the perfect time to utilize this strain is within the afternoon or at night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Indica-Maliwi Hybrid?

You will be delighted with the fruity and hash flavor tone of this bud. The mind will be feeling glad and contemplative, drifting your spirit more at ease. It will additionally hit you with a narcotic feeling that will end you up in a solid couch-locked moment.

What are the Medical Benefits of Indica-Maliwi Hybrid?

The high will restore the mind, kicking away stress, PTSD, and depression. It will fight off bodily torments like muscle cramps and joint inflammations. This high in Indica strain is the key to appetite stimulation and nausea ender. Your night will be filled with dreams as this kicks away insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Indica-Maliwi Hybrid

The worse negative impacts you can get on this strain are mild to moderate headache and anxiety. The minimal one is dry eyes and dry mouth. However, this may prompt “greening out” feeling as well. Drink more water to lower down effects and use this in low dosage. 

How to Grow Indica-Maliwi Hybrid? 

Your growing room must be warm to let this strain rear the best yields. The humidity and lighting must go as well balanced with the temperature to meet the criteria in every growing phase. Developing this bud can be indoors or outdoors.