Island Lady X Haze

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Medium to high
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Strain Information

The Island Lady x Haze is a vigorous Sativa plant. It has the characteristics of maintaining its high quality and yields good flowering buds. 

This strain is produced through cross-breeding an unknown phenotype of female haze and skunk. It carries great potency and has a skunk odor.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Island Lady x Haze?

This strain has a great taste of sweet, skunk, floral, and fuel hints. It has a high potency that produces a good buzz and sedation effect. It also gives a deep relaxation in the body which makes you feel calm yet uplift. 

What are the Medical Effects of Island Lady x Haze?

The haze contributed much of this strain’s medical properties. This strain can treat medical conditions such as chronic pains, inflammation, Crohn’s diseases, migraine, muscle spasms, depression, social anxiety and arthritis. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Island Lady x Haze?

The negative effects of this strain are common and do not last long. You can expect to experience dryness of the mouth and eyes, blurry vision, headache, hunger, increased heart rate, slower reaction time, and paranoia.

How to Grow Island Lady x Haze?

To grow the Island Lady x Haze, you need some basic knowledge on how to properly grow marijuana indoors or outdoors. You can seek experts or do some research. This strain is not hard to cultivate. When it shows its first sign of growth, you can assure that it will grow and flower. Make sure that you water the plant with the amount needed for the cannabis plant. They need a lot of water compared to normal plants. They also need to absorb light longer, at least 12 hours.