Jedi Glue

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Strain Information

What is Jedi Glue?

Jedi Glue is another great creation of New420Guy having most of its genetics as an Indica type. The said breeder described this strain as a high THC strain that was crafted by using the Gorilla Glue #4 and Jedi Kush F1 male. Since it is known to reach a 30% level of THC, new users should be mindful of consuming this strain to avoid negative effects. This wonderful cross contains citrus-glue essence that will surely tickle your taste buds and nose. This one is excellent in producing great effects and medicinal capability. 

Medical Benefits of Jedi Glue

Another remarkable thing about this Jedi Glue is the medical capacity that it can contribute to society. This one is highly recommended for patients who are currently battling with stress, PTSD, insomnia and ADD. Many people are also claiming this strain’s greatness when it comes to treating gastrointestinal issues and AIDS. This is also known for bringing solace from pain because it contains pain-relieving properties. 

Effects of Jedi Glue Strain 

The effects of this Jedi Glue Strain are said to be very potent that’s why every stoner should be aware of the amount of consumption for a better result. This is said to be capable of bringing heavy euphoric high along with its ability to make you uplifted, sociable and motivated. 

Growing Jedi Glue Info & Tips

The Jedi Glue Strain is known for being a big yielder especially when you give an effort in cultivating this strain. It can also produce dense and fat buds along with frosty nugs, making this plant more ideal to grow. Indoor and outdoor locations are both ideal growing settings for this plant. Moreover, its flowering time will take 60 to 65 days.