Monkey Thunder

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18% to 24%
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Strain Information

Monkey Thunder is created from crossing the genetics of Lemon Pineapple x Maui Wowie Tropic Thunder strain and Monkey Face by Phantom Farms of Oregon. This strain gives a great thunder effect on your mind and body.

What are the Flavor and Effects ofMonkey Thunder?

Monkey Thunder gives the best fruity, tropical, citrus, pineapple flavor. Consumption of this strain will sedate your body and mind, which your mind enhances creativity, and your body wants relaxation to its finest level. Thus, this strain is great on elevating the euphoric level, which will uplift your spirit and makes you want to interact socially. Hence, this is great to use in going parties or on an occasion where you need to interact with people.

What are the medical benefits ofMonkey Thunder?

This hybrid is the best remedy for treating bodily pains like muscle spasms, cramps, or chronic pain. Also, taking this strain can be the best cure for patients who are showing symptoms of depression, insomnia, stress, and ADHD who wanted to get out on the line of this type of sickness. Furthermore, this will helps you in boosting your appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect fromMonkey Thunder

Consumption of this strain will make you experience the drying of your mouth and eyes. Occasionally, dizziness, headaches, or anxiousness may feel.

How to GrowMonkey Thunder?

Monkey Thunder hybrid can be grown, whether indoor or outdoor. This strain thrives best in humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Thus, the right amount of water and light to penetrate should be best observed to give the best potency.