The CBG Blend

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Not provided, and provides the only level for THCV which is 55%
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Strain Information

The CBG Blend comes from crossing Pink Lemonade, Black Cherry Soda, Original Glue, and Ace of Spades. This strain is a unique combination of CBG+THCV that’s great for delighting the feelings.

However, this strain does not provide all of its specifications as it’s just created not long ago. The characteristics or specifications are not posted yet on the internet, and no ever other citizens have ever tried to grow this strain. The breeder provides only a few data about this strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of The CBG Blend?

The CBG Blend cannabis strain’s flavor is the citrus, sweet, and earthy blends of its touches. Like other strain, this gives the feeling of euphoria and leads your head in high effect, which is great on taking in to achieve a relaxation state.

What are the Medical Benefits of The CBG Blend?

This strain’s high in THCV level would give the relieving of anxiety and may curb anxiety attacks without suppressing the emotions. Also, this may help patients with diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This strain is best in stimulating bone growth also. Furthermore, it gives a cure to insomnia as it lures you in deep sleep and easy sleeping.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from The CBG Blend

Like any other strain, this will give the effect of drying the mouth and eyes, dizziness, and headache. Also, this strain may dull the appetite of the consumers.

How to Grow The CBG Blend?

Growing this strain is not highly possible as of the moment because the breeders never provided some things needed to do on how to cultivate on this. Also, the seeds or even just a clone on this are not even sold in the market as of time.