Sugar Kiss

Sugar Kiss Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17% to 20%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
58 to 67 days
Indoor/Outdoor Temperate Ambiance
Growing Difficulty
15 inches
Sweet, Citrus, Dank, and Hazy Spice

Where To Buy Sugar Kiss Marijuana Seeds

Sugar Kiss Marijuana Seeds Information

NorStar Genetics is the cannabis breeder of star strains, and Sugarkiss is one of its successful leading Marijuana in the industry. This is a robust grower and easy to clone, making this a suitable plant for starting commercial croppers. It offers quality medicinal and recreational advantages among cannabis growers and users.

Sugarkiss kisses away your stress and pain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sugarkiss?

It delights your tongue with sweet, citrus, dank a note of hazy spice.

Smoking or vaping this weed boosts your creativity whilst delivering calmness and euphoria. It offers balanced effects that hit you with a mild body stimulation. You will feel motivated following a lethargic state. The cerebral and bodily effects lift your spirit.

What are the medical benefits of Sugarkiss?

Appreciatively, this marijuana is medicinal.

Because of the balanced calming effects it provides, it is suitable for overcoming stressful days and melancholic moods and thoughts. This weed also permeates the increase of dopamine in the brain, making it a potent painkiller for chronic body pains and tension headaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sugarkiss

Many users of this marijuana claim common negative effects like dryness of eyes and dryness of the mouth. Regular consumption of this strain may lead to dependence and might cause more serious risks like anxiety, hallucinations, panic, increased heart rate.

How to Grow Sugarkiss?

Applying the SCROG method results in massive yields. When growing this plant, use medium-sized pots, metal halide or LED and then train the plant with LST or Low Stress Training. Give your plants the right nutrients, depending on their developmental stage.

It is a good thing that this weed is innately resistant to parasites and diseases. Giving you more room to focus on other growth factors like maintain ventilation and humidity levels.


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