Sugar Valley Kush 1

Sugar Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18% - 20%
Moderate - Heavy
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
9 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Medium - Tall
sweet, musky, earth, pine, fruity

Where To Buy Sugar Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds

Sugar Valley Kush Marijuana Seeds Information

The Sugar Valley Kush Strain is obtained through the combination of Pakistan Valley and Black Sugar Berry. This indica dominant strain is great for outdoors as it is able to withstand harsh conditions and is very highly resistant to bugs and molds. It produces plants with large leaves, and strong and robust branches.This strain is a great yielder yet is very ideal for beginners since there is no need for tie downs and it does not often require stakes. A unique characteristic of the Sugar Valley Kush is its purple buds with sweet and musky flavor.

Sugar Valley Kush is a strain which induces cerebral euphoria but mostly it is effective and highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia issues as it helps regulate sleep , followed by deep body relaxation, and couch-lock. It is definitely suggested for late-night use as it may put you to a nice deep sleep.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Sugar Valley Kush?

Sugar Valley Kush has the effect of making your body buzz in just a few puffs followed by a calm state. Most users recommended that it is not suitable if you need to do some physical activity as it makes you lazy. Since this strain has a relatively high THC level, it is extremely intoxicating and intense, however, using it gives off the feeling of relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness all at the same time. With its quite pleasant and sweet smelling aroma, plus its sweet and fruity flavor, it is best for people who are looking for a well-rounded head and body effect.

What are the medical benefits of Sugar Valley Kush?

This indica dominant strain has a variety of medical properties mainly due to it having a mixture of Pakistan Valley. With a THC level of around 20%, it is on the medium to high amount of THC but its CBD levels are what makes it a great, with a medicinal value of 2%. Because of it, it is often used in medicine to treat and alleviate symptoms of tumor. Users of this strain reported back that it has the ability to improve chronic conditions so it would mostly benefit those that are having issues with headaches, chronic pain,and migraine. It is also perfect for late nights because it provides a strong body-high, which is followed by relaxing and sleepy effects in order to help combat insomnia and stress issues.

Negative Effects of Sugar Valley Kush

Just like many other strains, Sugar Valley Kush also has its negative side effects. Many reports from users indicated drying of the mouth and eyes whilst using this strain. Ironically, there have also been reports that it can trigger anxiety among males.

How to grow Sugar Valley Kush?

The Sugar Valley strain is one that is easy to grow. It can be great for both indoors and outdoors. It has a great yield and it can easily be maintained which makes it beginner-friendly. It doesn’t require much attention to grow healthily and can produce a nice harvest. The Sugar Valley strain has a flowering time of roughly 9 weeks, which is considerably short.


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