Suicidal Dreams

Suicidal Dreams Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
30% +
up to 5 oz. per plant
Flowering Period
Warm and can vary
Growing Difficulty
10 feet
banana, chocolate and sweet

Where To Buy Suicidal Dreams Marijuana Seeds

Suicidal Dreams Marijuana Seeds Information

Suicidal Dreams is the first filial generation created by its breeders. It came from the interlinking of the offspring of Critical Mass and Warlock with Mickey Kush. As a result, the strain became an Evenly-balanced hybrid and had the sweetest flavor you will ever taste. However, you might find the effects overwhelming with over 30% THC level.

Despite being a hybrid, Suicidal Dreams’ effect lingers more on its Indica content but still with Sativa’s traces. The strain is highly potent that it could trigger worst reactions, especially the vulnerable ones, which are the newbies.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Suicidal Dreams?

Suicidal Dreams contains delicious flavors like banana, chocolate, and sweet. It will bring you to a euphoric state for a while before it takes you to its strong Indica content. At first, you will only feel lightheaded. As time goes by, you will slowly feel immobilized, along with relief and relaxation. The numbing sensation will clear your head, and soon, you’ll find yourself snoring in your bed’s comforts.

What are the medical benefits of Suicidal Dreams?

The hybrid is quite therapeutic and can be a grave assistant to folks with depression, stress, chronic body and muscle pains, and insomnia.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Suicidal Dreams.

You might feel lightheaded most of the time, accompanied by a cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. Expect it to occur immensely, due to its high THC level.

How to Grow Suicidal Dreams?

Suicidal Dreams will not disappoint you with its highly powerful aroma that even bystanders can’t help but stop and stare. You might not get delighted by its low production yet tall height, but compared to other cannabis plants, the necessities in planting Suicidal Dreams are not hassle-free. It can resist several environmental forces that could damage it.


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