Summer Love

Summer Love Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
69 to 77 days
Warm and dry
Growing Difficulty
150 cm
spicy, pepper and earthy

Where To Buy Summer Love Marijuana Seeds

Summer Love Marijuana Seeds Information

The offspring of Trainwreck male and Trainwreck female is a Sativa-dominant strain called Summer Love. The emerging new marijuana becomes the most sought after product of Trainwreck due to its moderate potency along with minimal adverse reactions from users. It is also a grower-friendly cannabis plant.

Summer Love will satisfy your need to have a higher appetite and uplifting emotions that will make your day ten times better than you expect it to be. The most recommendable consumption period is during the day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Summer Love?

Summer Love has a spicy, pepper and earthy flavors. It will elevate your mood all while stimulating your body to be more creative, productive and to eat more. Some users also feel a bit aroused upon consumption. Either way, the effect will last for a long time.

What are the medical benefits of Summer Love?

It can serve as an excellent aid for loss of appetite, whether it came from a prior medical ailment of therapy, mild cases of depression, stress and fatigue.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Summer Love.

You will only have to endure a cottonmouth and slightly itchy throat. But, expect worst reactions if you consume in a higher dosage or if you have reoccurring panic attacks. Also, you would have to follow its time consumption to avoid insomnia.

How to Grow Summer Love?

Due to Summer Love’s place of origin, the strain can only be grown in a warm yet dry environment. Otherwise, it can wither away and die. Still, it can resist common molds, mildews, diseases and few known pest attacks. It can be grown in any place of cultivation, though outdoor is the highly recommended area.


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