Sunburn Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16% - 24%
12 – 14 ounces per square meter (indoor), 14 ounces or more per plant (outdoor)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 – 9 weeks
Mediterranean and sunny
Growing Difficulty
Fruity, blueberry, berry, and sweet

Where To Buy Sunburn Marijuana Seeds

Sunburn Marijuana Seeds Information

Concerning its name, this marijuana strain won’t single you out; rather it will instigate how this strain is so sweet and brilliant. This Sativa predominant is from crossing the three strains. It first crossed Rug Burn OG and Island Sweet Skunk then crosses it with Gupta Kush. Its appearance is too precious not to notice as this displays green, fiery orange and crystal-like hues. It can be seen on the nugs, then to its buds and then in its trichomes. This is a strong strain so you must be careful once you use this.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sunburn?

The fruity, blueberry, berry, and sweet flavor this strain will display ask more of you to return more of this cannabis strain. The first onset will start with a quick buzz within your mind and heighten euphoria. You will feel elevated and experience innovativeness. Your mind will then soon fall into more clarify that will separate your thoughts into categories. An unimaginable tingly sensation will attack the body that will put you in a sedated mood.

What are the medical benefits of Sunburn?

Sunburn cannabis strain will convey a heavy buzz that is a medication for depression and stress. Simultaneously, it decreases anxiety and PTSD. You would feel better and better mentally and also physically once you use this strain. A mellow physical effect will happen and it would serenade your body to quiet down any pains on your body. Henceforth, this will ease irritations like cramps or fatigue. It will soon gently put you in a hungry state that will then instigate a boost of appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sunburn

The most common adverse effect you can expect on using this strain is the cottonmouth. Oftentimes you may feel dryness in your eyes. This will then happen once you take this cannabis strain and as it increases the cannabinoids which will prompt dehydration. A staggering migraine will then be felt once you increase your dosage. Along with this feeling, a sense of paranoia may also occur.

How to Grow Sunburn?

Developing this strain is not hard but never easy at all. You needed some skills to develop this, but here are some information and tips to help you grow this best. It will flourish best in a sunny environment which it got from its name. This will properly grow when you use soil as the medium. But if you wanted to achieve more yields or a shortened flowering stage then you must use hydroponics. This cannabis strain has no problems on whether indoors or outdoors to be developed. Hence, this has to be out in places where a drastic change in the environment may always occur.

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