Super Sliver Malawi min

Super Sliver Malawi Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Medium to High
Average to High
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
60 to 75 Days
Indoor / Outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Medium to Tall
Vanilla, Cherry, Lemon, Pepper

Where To Buy Super Sliver Malawi Marijuana Seeds

Super Sliver Malawi Marijuana Seeds Information

Super Silver Malawi is a Sativa dominant strain cultivated by Green Man Organics and will give you a tropical vacation experience with its delightful, fruity flavors and inviting aromas.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Super Silver Malawi?

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Vanilla, Cherry, Lemon, and Pepper. This strain will give you the classic Sativa energy that will keep you awake throughout the day. However, this energy is positive as it keeps you clear-headed and able to focus on important things.

The flavors will simply awaken your mind and, at the same time, take you into a state of blissful high as if you’ve gone on a summer vacation and ready to have fun. Perfect for daytime use or during parties and social events.

What are the Medical Benefits of Super Silver Malawi?

This strain is ideally used against fatigue, stress, anxiety, and physical ailments such as muscle pain. The energizing effect you will get from this strain will wash lethargy away like an ocean wave coming to sweep you off your feet. It also boosts your mental state positively, eliminating anxious feelings.

Negative Effects you Can Expect Super Silver Malawi

This strain can cause dryness of the eyes and mouth, much like every common cannabis strains. Consuming this strain late at night may leave you restless and unable to sleep.

How to Grow Super Silver Malawi?

This strain can be grown in both indoor and outdoor cultivation settings and is highly adaptable to both. Just like its parental strains, it can grow tall, making it best grown outdoors. However, make sure that you prepare enough space for its size when cultivating the plant indoors.


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