Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic min

Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
325 – 425 grams per square meter
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
11 – 12 weeks
Lots of sunlight
Growing Difficulty
Fruity, pine, and lemon

Where To Buy Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic Marijuana Seeds Information

A solid hint of lemon with the touch of pine will linger in your nose by the time you break the buds. The Auto Lemon OG Haze is bred with The Supreme to create this bud, and this was made possible by the hand coming from the Nirvana Seeds. It has a 5.8 percentage in the CBD, which is close to the THC level.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic?

Fruity, pine, and lemon hints are the flavors of this cannabis. A cerebral buzz would keep your mind sways more in the good things. The narcotic high will take you into profoundly dreaming as sleepiness rules you in. You won’t feel tired as this enhances energy as well.

What are the medical benefits of Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic?

A lovely feeling will keep your spirit high, making you not fall in love with stress and depression. It shoots you down in the bed as insomnia will now be gone. Muscle cramps and chronic pain will be taken down, serenading you with the tranquil or calming properties.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic

The mistake you should not do when utilizing this marijuana is the overindulging of this. The moment you keep using this in a day, it will hit you with paranoia and headache. Dry eyes and dry mouth are the two reactions that prompt the most when taking this.

How to Grow Supreme CBD Lemon OG Automatic?

This marijuana hybrid can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. A spacey room is the best room this bud can be grown. The buds and yields may weight big, so you need to provide some scaffold or bamboo stick within the stems to not let the stems bend.


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