Sweet Chunk BX3 min

Sweet Chunk BX3 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
High but numbers are undisclosed
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
8 to 9 weeks
Growing Difficulty
fruity, grapes and sweet

Where To Buy Sweet Chunk BX3 Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Chunk BX3 Marijuana Seeds Information

Sweet Chunk BX2 parented the Sweet Chunk BX3 by the help of Deep Chunk. The reason why Sweet Chunk holds three versions is because the breeders of Alpine Genetics wanted to produce an almost-perfect cannabis strain that is grower and user-friendly as well. As a result, a Sativa-dominant hybrid emerged that inherited the fruity and grapes scent and taste of Sweet Chunk BX2.

Due to the mostly Sativa contents of the strain, you will have to expect a mind-blowing high and mental stimulation. The difference it has from other versions is the evident Indica content that gives off a body-numbing high.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sweet Chunk BX3?

As expected, Sweet Chunk BX3 got the sweet grape and fruity flavor of its predecessors. The effects are consisting of cerebral high and traces of body buzz. You will feel uplifted and clear-headed at first before it activates your mind to become more aware of your surroundings along with an increasing appetite. Soon, your body will succumb to a numbing state and will head down to relaxation and relief.

What are the medical benefits of Sweet Chunk BX3?

Despite having a significant mind high, tinges of analgesic impact are likely to occur, which helps in alleviating mild body pains. The strain will also benefit users with PTSD, ADD/ADHD and stress together with its ability to treat loss of appetite.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Sweet Chunk BX3.

At some point, having heightened senses is not as beneficial as expected because it can contribute to the forming of mental disorders like paranoia.

How to Grow Sweet Chunk BX3?

The cannabis plant possesses a high tolerance towards molds, fungus and pests, making it ideal for any place of cultivation and is only applicable for growers who reside in a Mediterranean climate. To upgrade the yield, you can apply the Screen of Green method because the Sweet Chunk BX3 has a great response towards an increase in production techniques.


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