Sweet Clements

Sweet Clements Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
450 to 550 grams per square meters / 450 to 750 grams per plant
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
50 to 56 days
Spanish Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
Medium with a 2.05 stretch
citrus and berries

Where To Buy Sweet Clements Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Clements Marijuana Seeds Information

Sweet Clements is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has imported strain parents. It is an offspring of Doja Bubba Berry from the eastern Pacific Ocean. At the same time, the Joya Orange Bud is in the country of Valencia, which explains why it can only thrive in a Spanish Mediterranean climate.

You will feel various movement-diminishing impacts that will make your actions sluggish than usual. Sedative sensation will take place, but it’s not that overwhelming and still tolerable unless you’re in a highly stressed condition.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sweet Clements?

As the name suggests, Sweet Clements will bring in sweet berry flavor with notes of citrusy. A sluggish feeling is going to appear that will immobilize your whole body, leading you to a couch-lock position. Your eyes will get droopier over time. Those who are under a stressful condition cannot help but submerge themselves in the immediate sedation of Sweet Clements, but those who aren’t can control the urge to give in but will still feel sleepy.

What are the medical benefits of Sweet Clements?

Sweet Clements is a medication for insomnia and stress. Apart from that, it can also heal exhaustion and tiredness through sleep.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Sweet Clements.

The effects of a hangover are similar to what the strain can bring with a lightheaded feeling and nauseous sensation. It’s not that extreme and is treatable by proper hydration.

How to Grow Sweet Clements?

What makes Sweet Clements easy is that it can resist several fungi and pathogen as well as diseases that helps the grower to have it anywhere they want it to be. Also, you won’t have an issue with its broad leaves blocking the other parts because the nodes are stationed in the highest portion of the branch. The cannabis plant is only a medium-sized but can stretch up to 2.05x.


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