Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1

Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 23%
400 g / m2
Flowering Period
62 to 68 days
Mild climate
Growing Difficulty
Medium To Tall
Sweet, Fruity, Sour, or Spicy

Where To Buy Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1 Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1 Marijuana Seeds Information

Alpine-Seeds are the breeder you will look when you need this cannabis variety. This is a feminized version of Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1

carrying an exotic with a matching, very sweet aroma. This was a limited release by the breeder and was produced only in one-time.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1?

The flavor is very sweet, fruity, a bit sour and spicy with a strong aftertaste. This adds to your experience in its effects, where you can have a good time of fun and creativity. It gives you some energetic push to be free before calming you down and relax comfortably.

What are the medical benefits of Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1?

Get some help in your suffering from pain as it can effectively ease your pains and body discomfort like muscle pain or tension.  It also helps you to manage depression, anxiety, and stress for a longer time than other varieties effectively.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1

You can easily have a dry mouth as a negative effect of this cannabis variety. It is also the most common to other varieties, and you can easily counter it by drinking water so you can prepare some before smoking. Other negative effects are dry eyes, slight headache, and slight anxiety.

How to Grow Sweet Pink Grapefruit S1?

This is easy to grow a cannabis plant when you have the knowledge and experience. Not knowing even the basic rules will make your growing difficult, and you may lose your plant easily. This cannabis has the strength that can overlook some slight mistakes but can be sensitive when a critical mistake is made.


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