Thai Marijuana Seeds

Thai Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14% - 24%
13 ounces per square meter
Flowering Period
9 - 10 weeks
Hot and dry sub-tropical outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, spicy, pine, herbal, citrus, woody, pungent, earthy

Where To Buy Thai Marijuana Seeds

Thai Marijuana Seeds Information

This weed is a South-East Asian innate that was instinctive and raised in Thailand, with results as unusual as its source. This weed can be a slight stimulating for cultivators to nurture away since the sub-tropical weather it is accustomed to, nonetheless, it can be completed with a slight added moisture and heaps of temperature.

This weed is sativa modified that shoots from Thailand and was finally transported onto American dirt in the 1970s than the 1980s. This landrace weed is frequently also mentioned as “Thai Firewood” since of in what way this sprout has been recognized to conventionally be dry though knotted onto extended sticks.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Thai?

It is as clean as it originated, and is the epitome of a pure sativa. This weed is an inordinate means to like a full and calming high deprived of feeling swallowing and guaranteed to your sofa. This sativa is robust, nonetheless, it still brings a typically stable high, with your form sense as attentive and relaxed as your figure.

This sativa is prevalent amongst customers who have a faintness for an in height that is somewhat hallucinogenic. It crops strong spirits of ecstasy, and will brand you feel blissful and reassured from any remaining pressures, parting you exposed to new opinions and novice, more hopeful notions.

Its palates just as bracing as its trail may propose and are similarly as seductive when your palate it. This weed is recognized for its sugary and soft smoke, with a robust acid pine to underscore its tastes. On the respire you will issue a burn that palates herbal also citrus, parting a tasty and acid palate on your mouths.

What are the medical benefits of Thai?

It is also beneficial in the bout to achieve chronic pressure, as this weed is extremely inspiring and calming, letting the attention to be at comfort. Other usages for this weed comprise releasing eye weight, glaucoma also any additional long-lasting or minor discomfort, for example, spasms, shudders, and migraines.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Thai

It is very strong sativa modified, production it no wonders that you would meet fairly one or two side effects with this weed. If you are disposed to feel somewhat nervous when overriding weed, you are probable to feel fairly nervous when burning this weed.

Additional side effects might comprise and thirsty mouth, attached with dehydrated and prickly eyes, in addition to a continuing headache, the greatest probable reason by the sense of dryness. In about cases, you might likewise feel faint when burning it, nevertheless, this is an opposing effect that frequently passes fairly fast.

How to Grow Thai?

It grown at home can be probable to go in for to 11 weeks to bud and be prepared for a crop. This weed can be predicted to harvest a regular of around 13 jots of decent sprout per square meter established.

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