Ultimate Chem 2010

Ultimate Chem 2010 Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
Up to 10 weeks
Cool and dry indoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Sour, citrus, chemical flavor

Where To Buy Ultimate Chem 2010 Marijuana Seeds

Ultimate Chem 2010 Marijuana Seeds Information

Ultimate Chem 2010 is an Indica strain made by Riot Seeds through crossing Chem Dawg Loompas 91 Chem F5. Made as an upgrade from its predecessor, this Indica thrives well in a specific environment and produces a great and long-lasting effect that every user can enjoy. Experienced users will understand its ability while new users will find it very interesting to smoke. It is advised to smoke this relaxing strain in the evening.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Ultimate Chem 2010?

The chemical aroma and flavor are very dominant in this strain. Ultimate Chem 2010 produces a very tranquil mental and physical state. As an Indica, this weed instills a mental clarity that removes all the unnecessary stressful thoughts from the mind. It also spreads out a comfortable warm buzz that eases muscle tensions as the limbs and shoulders become heavier.

What are the medical benefits of Ultimate Chem 2010?

The mellow vibe that comes off from this strain enacts a very special mood to its user. The tranquil effects soothe the soul causing less anxiety or panic attacks as well as PTSD. The relaxing properties help reduce muscle cramps and create a conducive demeanor that is perfect for sleep.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Ultimate Chem 2010

While Ultimate Chem 2010 does not have any negative impact on the mind and body of its user, this weed is known to cause a mild headache, especially when consumed beyond the normal dose. Other adverse reactions such as dry eyes and cottonmouth are all common effects.

How to Grow Ultimate Chem 2010? Some information and Tips

Ultimate Chem 2010 is highly suggested to be grown indoors especially if you live in an area with volatile climate changes. This strain must be shunned away from rapid temperature changes as well as humidity as it is quite susceptible to fungus and mold growth. Growing this weed indoors also causes less stress to the plant thus limiting the chances of hermaphrodites.

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