Ultra Alien

Ultra Alien Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Above average
High amount of yield
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
Up to 10 weeks
Warm and dry outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, pine, spicy, herbal flavor

Where To Buy Ultra Alien Marijuana Seeds

Ultra Alien Marijuana Seeds Information

Ultra Alien comes from NW Roots and is a Sativa dominant strain made by crossing MK Ultra with Alien Kush F2. This bud came from an underground show in Canada which led to the creation of this strain. This tall plant has very recognizable green leaves with orange buds. As a Sativa strain, it is expected to have high THC values that users will surely love.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Ultra Alien?

This sweet pine-flavored strain is also known as an aphrodisiac strain due to its stimulating action in the mind and body. The first few tokes would awaken all of your senses and stimulate your mind. It heightens all of your mental capabilities and increases your physical and sensual sensations.

What are the medical benefits of Ultra Alien?

The stimulating effect of this strain allows for a more mentally active approach to treatment against psychological disorders such as depression. This also helps with defeating mental fatigue and stress altogether.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Ultra Alien

Due to its tremendous effects on the mind, Ultra Alien can sometimes promote paranoia which can overwhelm its user. A slight headache is bound to happen near the end of the session. This is due to the lack of hydration from consuming fluids and regulating the intake of this specific strain.

How to Grow Ultra Alien? Some information and Tips

Ultra Alien is a great addition to your outdoor garden however, growers must not rule out the possibility of an indoor setup. If done indoors, a few trimming sessions would help control the growth of the plant if you have issues with vertical space. The right growing condition is critical to the overall resulting production from this strain. Always make sure to have the necessary experience in assuring the maturity of this strain.

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