Upper Cut 1

Upper Cut Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Very High but numbers are undisclosed
Flowering Period
63 to 70 days
Growing Difficulty
grapes, sour and tangy

Where To Buy Upper Cut Marijuana Seeds

Upper Cut Marijuana Seeds Information

The evenly-balanced hybrid called Upper Cut came from the Purple Punch and Sour Dubb, which inherited a few of its flavors. Upper Cut is known for having an excellent yield, attractively large flowers, naturally groomed branches, and its ability to adapt to high-producing methods.

Upper Cut’s effect is immediate and swift that will surely take you by surprise. The first few minutes will consist of cerebral high, but the ending will lead you to the mild potency of its Indica side. For the said cannabis plant, the evening is the best time to devour it.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Upper Cut?

The flavors are grapes, sour, and tangy that is considered by few as an odd combination but can be surprisingly appealing. The first half is going to bring you in a euphoric state where your social skills will rise. In the end, the Indica will make its presence known as it pulls you into a calming state but won’t induce couch-lock and sedation yet enough to relieve your pains away.

What are the medical benefits of Upper Cut?

Upper Cut stands a chance in medicating depression, stress, fatigue, and chronic body pains like arthritis, migraines, vertigo, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Upper Cut

It will provide minimal adverse reactions like cottonmouth and parched throat that can be treated by drinking plenty of water before and after consumption.

How to Grow Upper Cut?

The high production of Upper Cut can still be maximized into extremely high with techniques like SOG or Sea of Green, pruning, and SCROG or Screen of Green method. Also, since the soil is the best cultivation medium, you can try trellising for a more premium look and prevent it from rotting and withering. It can thrive well indoors and outdoors.

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