Uzbekistan min

Uzbekistan Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
0.98 oz. per square feet
Flowering Period
49 to 56 days
Growing Difficulty
48 inches
pepper, lemon, and hash

Where To Buy Uzbekistan Marijuana Seeds

Uzbekistan Marijuana Seeds Information

CH9 Female Seeds is responsible for Uzbekistan’s creation from hybridizing the outcome of Uzbekistan OG and Herijuana with Herijuana Jack 33. It resulted in an Evenly-balanced hybrid with proportional Sativa and Indica traits. The growth necessities will not be a challenge to growers, but the yield is a bit low.

Despite having such a high THC level, the result will not overpower your senses. But, it may last for an extended period. Nonetheless, moderation is required to prevent yourself from undergoing extreme adverse reactions.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Uzbekistan?

A taste of pepper, lemon, and hash will welcome your senses. A mellow cerebral and body high is going to hit you. With that, users find it to be un-overwhelming. The long-lasting impact is going to improve your emotional condition with a mega-watt smile and your body to receive ease and comfort.

What are the medical benefits of Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is going to help individuals with multiple sclerosis, nausea, anxiety, and stubborn body pains like migraines and muscle aches.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Uzbekistan

Thanks to the un-overwhelming effect, you won’t be expecting extreme reactions, whether you’re a newbie or not. You will only feel slightly lightheaded, but it will simply fade away, and you’re back to normal.

How to Grow Uzbekistan?

Planting Uzbekistan is not going to stress the life out of you. Instead, it will give you a rapid flowering period and potent cannabis strain. The production is below average, but it can still suffice. To others, the yield is suitable for indoor cultivation. Still, there are heavy-yielding techniques that you can imply, such as the Screen of Green or Sea of Green.

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