Vietnam – Hybrid

Vietnam – Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 20%
800 gram m2
Flowering Period
More or less 77 days
Warm and Sunny
Growing Difficulty
110 cm
Sweet, vanilla, diesel, citrus

Where To Buy Vietnam – Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Vietnam – Hybrid Marijuana Seeds Information

Vietnam – Hybrid is a hybrid strain variety introduced by pure terrestrial breeders. This large weed is developed by combining Vietnam x landrace hybrid strains into a sexy and intense form of marijuana. This hybrid plant has a wide range of cannabinoids that make up a large part of its fruity, sweet fragrance. This offers the mouth a touch of fresh vanilla and kush diesel as it is fried, making it a treat to taste and appreciate.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Vietnam – Hybrid?

Vietnam-Hybrid strain flavors are sweet to vanilla, with a little bit of diesel and citrus. This hybrid plant reaches the ground very quickly, resulting in a new, quiet height. Paired to the Sativa material, after inhaling it, there is a feeling of positive affirmation that makes it better for the day when working on a creative effort.

What are the Medical benefits of Vietnam – Hybrid?

Vietnam-Hybrid strain is used to alleviate discomfort and anxiety while also enhancing emotional well-being. That will further increase your hunger. It’s how many people with either diet or health problems rely on this burden as a routine relief.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Vietnam – Hybrid

Any negative effects of cannabis use Vietnam-Hybrid include the sore mouth, dry skin, and dizziness. Any patient may feel anxious or paranoic at high doses.

How to Grow Vietnam – Hybrid? Some information and Tips

Vietnam-Hybrid is never the easiest and most straightforward strain to grow, but it can also be grown. Though abundant in Indica, it’s going forward like a Sativa. The hardest thing to do as it gets tall is to take care of it.

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