Vietnam Tourist Hemp

Vietnam Tourist Hemp Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Moderately high
Average amount of yield
Flowering Period
Up to 150 days
Warm and dry tropical climate
Growing Difficulty
Up to 3 meters
Fruity, lemon, eucalyptus

Where To Buy Vietnam Tourist Hemp Marijuana Seeds

Vietnam Tourist Hemp Marijuana Seeds Information

Vietnam Tourist Hemp comes from Green Hornet and is a high-quality Sativa strain with ties to the Vietnam strain. This pure Sativa excels in both potency and quality. A deeply relaxing strain that offers average yield but an unrelenting high, this Sativa knows what you want and provides you with the total cannabis experience. This bud is highly recommended for daytime use.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Vietnam Tourist Hemp?

Vietnam Tourist Hemp has a very fruity taste with eucalyptus flavors thrown in. With its clear and active cerebral effects, this Sativa strain offers mental clarity at its highest form. Users are bound to experience a mental high that has never been seen before. This deeply relaxing strain infuses you with uplifted energy and focus that should allow you to finish your tasks.

What are the medical benefits of Vietnam Tourist Hemp?

The mental effects of Vietnam Tourist Hemp are what medical marijuana users are looking for. Gone are the days when users try to seek out a way to remedy their stress and fatigue. Exhaustion is one of the main culprits for decreased productivity. This also serves as a great anti-depressant strain as well.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Vietnam Tourist Hemp

The sudden mental expansion can cause mild paranoia or anxiety for new users. Users are also warned to be careful with dizziness and headaches when smoking this weed.

How to Grow Vietnam Tourist Hemp? Some information and Tips

Vietnam Tourist Hemp takes a lot longer to grow than most other strains and the delicate nature of this Sativa strain should be sheltered from the harsh and unstable conditions such as sudden cold and changes in weather. The structure is often thick and durable and can often reach up to 3 meters. Growing this weed indoors is still viable.

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