Vietnamese MindfuckAka Hoa Bac Silver Leaf

Vietnamese Mindfuck(Aka: Hoa Bac (Silver Leaf)) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
High amount of yield
Flowering Period
Up to 12 week
Warm and dry tropical climate
Growing Difficulty
Woody, earthy, herbal, lemongrass

Where To Buy Vietnamese Mindfuck(Aka: Hoa Bac (Silver Leaf)) Marijuana Seeds

Vietnamese Mindfuck(Aka: Hoa Bac (Silver Leaf)) Marijuana Seeds Information

Vietnamese Mindfuck or Hoa Bac is a pure Sativa strain from Reeferman and comes from a Thailand breed. This Sativa has a strong classic aroma and flavor. It also has one of the best when it comes to effects. This potent weed is defined by its potent high that generates an enlightening experience making it one of the best weeds to smoke during the day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Vietnamese Mindfuck?

With its woody herbal taste, Vietnamese Mindfuck induces a very meditative effect on the mind and body. The calming properties traverse through the mind as it slowly takes hold of the body. A tingling sensation travels across the temples toward the spine and delivers a relaxing wave that should calm down tense muscles and stressed our minds.

What are the medical benefits of Vietnamese Mindfuck?

Vietnamese Mindfuck is commonly offered to people with high levels of stress. Anxiety and panic attacks are relieved when this strain is consumed. The relaxing properties also help increase focus and attention allowing for more productive office life.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Vietnamese Mindfuck

The high THC content may offer different health benefits to its user but it is also best to know that this can induce an adverse effect on the body namely cottonmouth and red eyes.

How to Grow Vietnamese Mindfuck? Some information and Tips

Vietnamese Mindfuck is generally grown outdoors in warm tropical weather filled with sunlight. The wide leaves can make this strain quite bushy than most pure Sativas. The plants will need to receive regular care as they can be susceptible to many harmful factors.

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