Virgin Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 18%
70 - 100 grams
Flowering Period
7 - 8 weeks
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty
Not tall
Lemon, sour, earthy, spicy

Where To Buy Virgin Marijuana Seeds

Virgin Marijuana Seeds Information

It is a balanced hybrid strain that carries a bright flavor from the blend of Burmese and Super Skunk. This combination is the idea of Vancouver Island SC. It’s a Sativa variety, which is awesome for wake-and-bake puff, and you can even use it any time of the day. The buds are oversized in popcorn form as they sport the neon green shade with orange hair and frosty trichomes. They sit prettily on purple leaves.

It has an average THC, so beginners who can be called ‘virgins’ in marijuana consumption are welcome to try this Virgin strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Virgin?

The flavor of this hybrid strain features bright citrus, which collaborated with the taste of the classic Burmese. It delivers full-bodied effects, and it will let the supply of energy creep into your nerves. It also promotes motivation and creativity as it also plants relaxation in your system without affecting your energy.

What are the medical benefits of Virgin?

It handles chronic fatigue as well as mental disorders like ADD, ADHD, depression, and chronic stress. It eases out any type of pain or aches. It also stops nausea while it boosts a person’s appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Virgin

It’s common to have dry mouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes when consuming marijuana. You need to hydrate yourself to avoid these things. Take the dose that you can handle to avoid pronounced adverse effects.

How to Grow Virgin?

While it can thrive indoor and outdoor, hydroponics and the Sea of Green set up are the most suitable ways of growing this strain. You can flip this plant once you see the roots have developed to manage its height. You will be in awe to see the buds dripping with resin when it’s near harvest time.

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