White Fruit

White Fruit Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
13% to 16%
Flowering Period
60 to 67 days
Sunny, Mediterranean-like outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Moderate to Tall
Fruity and berry

Where To Buy White Fruit Marijuana Seeds

White Fruit Marijuana Seeds Information

With an impressive genetic lineage, the White Fruit cannabis strain will not disappoint. It offers a delicious fruity flavor profile that can be misleading to many as it packs a creeping but powerful punch after only a few hits. The small buds of this strain are heavily covered with sweet sticky resin, which can tell a lot about its potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of White Fruit?

This strain has a sweet, fruity taste partnered with a sweet, berry-like aroma. Despite its sweet, pleasant flavor profile, this strain is very potent. The high is a creeper, but once it hits you, you will instantly feel the strain’s strength. The buzz starts with a cerebral high that will help improve your focus and attention. It will bring out the creative genius in you in no time. The physical sensation that follows is, like many other indica varieties, like a warm hug that will pull you down to a relaxed state. The good thing is that despite this calm demeanor, you will continue to feel energized and uplifted to finish out your day’s work.

What are the medicinal benefits of White Fruit?

This strain has a wide number of medicinal benefits. It is extremely helpful in alleviating any physical ailments, like headaches, migraines, chronic back pains, sore knees, neck pains, and inflammation. People who are struggling with depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, and attention deficit disorders will also love this weed.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Fruit?

Because of its potency, the initial head rush can be overwhelming and can cause a slight level of anxiety and dizziness.

How to Grow White Fruit?

This plant does extremely well in any kind of setting. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. Many cultivators grow this strain using the SCROG method, but a SOG setting will also work with this low-maintenance plant. The plant can be rather pungent, however, and can invite curious noses, so it is best to invest in odor-controlling measures like carbon air filters.

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