White Russian Widow min

White Russian Widow(Aka: WRW) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
A bit above average
Flowering Period
60 - 65 days
Indoor, outdoor
Growing Difficulty

Where To Buy White Russian Widow(Aka: WRW) Marijuana Seeds

White Russian Widow(Aka: WRW) Marijuana Seeds Information

White Russian Widow is also short for WRW by Twisty Seeds. It’s a cross between White Widow and White Russian. White Widow is known for its legendary resin production, and it leans more on the Sativa spectrum. White Russian is a typical Indica variety with strong aroma and effects brought by its resinous buds. The child of these strains offers consumers the best of both worlds.

In the aspect of growing, this weed won’t disappoint you. It can grow into a vigorous and productive plant.

What are the Flavor and Effects of White Russian Widow?

It can be a bland smoke as it only features earthy taste. But it won’t disappoint you when it comes to the effects. Your mind and body will fairly be given enough attention. You will be uplifted in its cerebral euphoria, which affects mood and creativity. You will be in a relaxed setting without any factors of sedation and couchlock.

What are the medical benefits of White Russian Widow?

It will temporarily let you get over mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Temporary or chronic pain can be eliminated by this weed. It irons out any impulse of vomiting or nausea.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from White Russian Widow

The feeling of dryness to your eyes and mouth is the common side effects. Pronounced ones like dizziness, headache, and paranoia happen when you exceed the dosage that you can manage.

How to Grow White Russian Widow?

You can grow it indoors and outdoors. Make sure you provide your grow room or tent with the right pieces of equipment for the lighting system and ventilation. Keep your plants healthy for high yield, so monitor them regularly.

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