Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
23% to 29%
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
70 to 80 days
Warm, Mediterranean-like outdoor climate
Growing Difficulty
Berry, cherry, coffee, spicy, and sweet

Where To Buy Wild Cherry Marijuana Seeds

Wild Cherry Marijuana Seeds Information

This Sativa-dominant hybrid comes from the labs of Seeds of Compassion. It was created by combining the mouthwatering Cherry Thunderfuck strain with the mind-blowing Trainwreck strain. The buds are shaped like little spades and are tightly clustered together. Thick orange pistils and white crystal trichomes complete the look.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Wild Cherry?

These spade-shaped nugs produce a delicious smell of tobacco and coffee when burned. This mouthwatering aroma is partnered with a flavor that is similar to berries, cherries, coffee, and sweet with a spicy overtone. The high is quick and fast. It instantly launches your mind into a state of pure bliss and happiness after the first exhale. As your mind continues to be filled with creativity and inspiration, a warm, relaxing body high will slowly cover you, lulling you into a lazy state. On the comedown, you will also be hit with a hard case of giggles.

What are the medicinal benefits of Wild Cherry?

This strain is perfect for a number of ailments. It is effective in treating depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pains, mood swings, etc.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Wild Cherry?

If taken in high doses, this strain will give you a headache, and it will also lead to a slight increase in paranoia.

How to Grow Wild Cherry?

This plant grows well in any kind of environment. It can grow inside or outside, but many seasoned cultivators prefer growing them in an outdoor setting where space is not restricted. The plant grows tall, and indoor cultivation would need meticulous training to ensure the plants reach their full potential despite limited growing space. When cultivated outside, it loves to receive lots of sunlight and flourishes in a climate that is similar to the one in the Mediterranean. Growers will also have to ensure colas are supported as the branches can grow pretty heavy, especially on the upper layers.

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