Wookie Orgasm

Wookie Orgasm Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 %
3 – 6 oz / ft.2
Flowering Period
63 days
Growing Difficulty
30 – 78 inches
Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, Lavender, and Pine

Where To Buy Wookie Orgasm Marijuana Seeds

Wookie Orgasm Marijuana Seeds Information

Wookie Orgasms is an indica / sativa kind of marijuana from Bodhi Seeds. When the Orgasmatron and the Wookie # 5 were crossed, this weed is the result. There are some users who consume this cannabis for benefiting with its medical uses. It can be used both medically and recreationally. There will be mild side effects as long as this strain is used properly.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Wookie Orgasm?

You may love its lemon, lime, blueberry tasting with a mixture of lavender and pine tastes. It brings the relaxation that you may need. Users will be able to feel euphoric at the same time energized upon using this weed.

What are the medical benefits of Wookie Orgasm?

This weed performs well in treating illnesses. It is a good weed to use when you are experiencing chronic pain, as it will reduce it. It is a good strain that reduces stress and anxiety. This can do well in reducing symptoms of depression, too.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Wookie Orgasm

You should not forget that every strain brings some common side effects. This strain will make you feel the dryness of your mouth and the dryness of your eyes.

How to Grow Wookie Orgasm?

If you are planning to grow your own weed, you can look for a place inside or outside and make sure there is enough space for your plants. You should manage your plant’s lighting cycle, too. It would be better to protect your plants, and in protecting them, you can use organic products or natural way to do it.

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