X Kunk

X-Kunk Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 to 20%
500-grams/ m2 (indoors); 1.9 kilograms per plant (outdoors)
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
55 to 60 days (indoors); end of September (outdoors)
Growing Difficulty
0.8 to 1 meter (indoor); 1 to 2 meters (outdoors)
Lemon, Wood, and Spicy

Where To Buy X-Kunk Marijuana Seeds

X-Kunk Marijuana Seeds Information

X-Kunk is a hybrid strain that is mainly Sativa from the variation of Apex Seeds that is THC dominant and can be accessed as feminized seeds. This ganja by the said breeder is wholly a dissimilar edition of the well-known hybrid. Also, this strain is the outcome when Early Pearl was crossed to Skunk. Through this crossing, this offspring permits the plant to lessen the flowering period without influencing any of its fundamental possessions. It also has some enhancements in this cannabis like the increase in taste, amazing restorative effects, and lowered number of branches.

What are the Flavors and Effects of X-Kunk Strain?

The aroma of this ganja is something that cultivators of cannabis will appreciate that interprets to a lemon-pine taste and a bit spicy background. This variation does not desert the users in a state of drowsiness but provides euphoric and engaging effects. With that, this cannabis is considered as an ideal strain to consume if the users want to have or spend their time with their friends or colleagues outside. Also, this cannabis is similar to the best Sativa available in the market that is somehow a powerful mental effect that can make the users laugh for several hours.

What are the Medical Benefits of X-Kunk?

With the presence of its nice effects and wonderful parent strains, X-Kunk is also advantageous for those who seek alleviation in their conditions. As another powerful cannabis, this strain is efficacious in combatting the problems of long-stand stress as it can relax the users, especially their minds. This can also be utilized in mitigating depression by authorizing the users to sense positivism and hopes in their lives and remove the negative notions they have. Aside from these two, this strain may also help assuage other mental issues like anxiety and PTSD. This ganja is also victorious in palliating persistent pain by letting the victims seek a soothed mind and alleviate their bodies to a more relaxing feeling. This is also effective in facing the case of nausea by permitting the sufferers to restore their appetites after the treatments they have.

Negative Effects You can expect from X-Kunk

Since it is powerful, users of this cannabis, especially the new ones, should expect that using too much of this type can give them negative feelings. As such, this cannabis may lead to dizziness. Other negative feelings that can be felt or observed in this cannabis are dry eyes and mouth because of the all-around sensation that is being dehydrated. Some may encounter paranoia, especially if the users are not used to powerful strains, while others can feel anxious.

How to Grow X-Kunk? Info and Tips

This cannabis has a long encounter and is outstanding due to its speed and high production. This cannabis is attainable both indoors and outdoors though it is an outdoor plant because of the size it has that is extremely big. It is also resistant to wet weather and has a shape that is similar to a fir tree and has side boughs that are close to the middle stem. When planted indoors, this plant can adjust very well though it does not expand several boughs. It is a good variation to use the SOG method because of its separate mesh. Cultivators can have 20-22 vines per m2 so that the entire plant will be in a middle sprout. 55 to 60 days after, they will have to crop yield of 500-grams/ m2.

Additionally, when grown outdoors, where this plant displays its greatest grandeur can resist moist and rainy weather. It can grow similar to a Christmas tree and has many boughs. It can be harvested towards the end of September, where cultivators can have 1900 grams per plant.

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