X Kush 2Aka HomeRoast eXe

X-Kush #2(Aka: HomeRoast, eXe.Kush #2) Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Flowering Period
8 to 10 weeks
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Woody, Citrus, Lemon, and Spicy

Where To Buy X-Kush #2(Aka: HomeRoast, eXe.Kush #2) Marijuana Seeds

X-Kush #2(Aka: HomeRoast, eXe.Kush #2) Marijuana Seeds Information

X-Kush #2, aka HomeRoast or eXe.Kush #2 is hybrid ganja that is mainly Indica from the variation of the Breeder Choice Organization. This hybrid ganja is also THC dominant but cannot be accessed as feminized seeds. Besides, utilizing Mazar-I-Shariff and Chitrali #1 created this ganja. This was also conceived to make another high clear Indica Kush that was intended for the indoor cultivators that are looking for a high THC level as well as hard striking.

What are the Flavors and Effects of X-Kush #2 Strain?

This cannabis is made with several great effects. As such, users of this cannabis will be relaxed and alleviated from the problems they have once they consumed this ganja. Users who are seeking for some giggles can rely on this ganja. Mixing its happiness and persuading mental high with encouraging effect, this ganja can let its users feel motivated and positive throughout its high. This strain can also let the user’s sense euphoria that may continue to being uplifted. This is also good for those who want to fall asleep easily because this ganja can make them so due to its powerful Indica. But this can also make the users think innovatively.

What are the Medical Benefits of X-Kush #2?

Both of the parents of this cannabis are well known because of the biggest contribution they have given in the world of cannabis. By then, this offspring also offers great benefits when it comes to medical uses. With the use of ganja, problems with persistent pain and inflammations can now be reduced. Insomniacs can also trust this cannabis in palliating their insomnia. After all, it helps them seek the best and natural step on sleeping because it can soothe their minds and loosen up the body at the same time. This can also be used by cancer patients, especially those who have undergone chemical therapies to restore their lost appetites.

Negative Effects You can expect from X-Kush #2

This ganja also carries some negative effects to its users due to the potency that it has. Just like its parent strains, this cannabis can also desert the users feeling dehydrated. That is why it is vital to have some water beside them to keep away from dry mouth and eyes. Some may encounter paranoia because of its high THC level, while others may have anxiousness and dizziness.

How to Grow X-Kush #2? Info and Tips

This ganja grows to be a classic clear Indica hash that is large, bushy with extensive leaves, and hefty sprouts on a strong framework. Due to its inheritance, this ganja grows with great power both inside and outside, which makes it a perfect variation for the indoor Sea of Green type of cultivation with some handy power and extends forming large middle colas. This ganja is another easy strain to grow because it is resistant to pests and molds. Nonetheless, it does not stand too much on the water; that is why an open area is suggested for this so that it can grasp enough wind—growing this type of cannabis needs 8 to 10 weeks so that cultivators can have enormous yields as long as the conditions mentioned are met.

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