Ya Mar

Ya Mar Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17 to 19%
Above average to heavy
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
60 to 65 days
Growing Difficulty
Mango, Black pepper, Spicy, and Berry

Where To Buy Ya Mar Marijuana Seeds

Ya Mar Marijuana Seeds Information

Ya Mar is further a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis due to its genetic ratio of 70%Sativa and 30%Indica. This variation from Bank Genetic is also THC dominant and can be accessed as feminized seeds. This ganja is from the crossing of Panama Punch and Fall ’97, where both of these parents have distinctive and complicated terpene profiles, and because of that, this offspring does the same.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Ya Mar Strain?

This ganja has several sugary and tropical notes that are followed by sweetened and piquant exhale with strikes of berry that can be tasted on the lips as an aftertaste. This cannabis has a swift initial action that begins a few minutes after the first puffs, and because of that, users are advised to have extra cautious upon taking this cannabis. However, if consumed moderately, it can satisfy and enjoy the users. On its initial effect, this Sativa dominant strain sends an energizing feeling that revitalizes both mentally and physically. It may also let the users feel the euphoria that brings them up to happy feelings. During its loss of face, the buzzing energy feeling will be substituted by a lightweight feeling that can get rid of stress, and with this, users will be relaxed. This may also be used as a replacement of coffee in the morning as it can power up the users through their day as well as making them fruitful.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ya Mar?

Ya Mar has a revitalizing terpene profile that brightens ups the feelings. With the aid of its CBD and THC, this ganja also provides great benefits in the world of therapeutic cannabis. The uplifting high it has alleviates stress by enhancing the temper of the users. It becomes unlikely to change the high emotions with the help of its soothing euphoria that also calms down the quick thoughts because of enormous fear. With this, this ganja helps alleviate the signs of anxiety, PTSD, and depression. It also palliates the pain that users have and covers the body of the users in an in-depth relaxation starting from the temples. For the moment, its enlivening effects can mitigate fatigue and exhaustion in limbs.

Negative Effects You can expect from Ya Mar!

Many users of this cannabis could anticipate having a dry mouth and eyes since they are the normal adverse effects. But these feelings could be lowered if they will just drink glasses of water. With that, moderate consumption is always advised to maintain the high of this cannabis enjoyable. If not, users may have a serious case of anxiety.

How to Grow Ya Mar? Info and Tips

Growing this ganja is so simple as it applies to any growers out there. To achieve this ganja, growers may plant it indoors or outdoors, depending on the preferred location they have. Though this is somehow the most complicated terpene profile the breeder was created, growers of this cannabis will not be disappointed because this will reward them with great yields. To have the desired number, cultivators should grow this ganja in 60 to 65 days. Early trimming could be applied as this ganja can grow tall or even very tall.

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